Searching for Happy is now a Windows 8 App!

Searching for Happy Blog is the popular personal blog of Alex Conde that focuses on the journey of finding happiness and the experiences that bring it about.  Alex writes about different happiness ‘experiments’ he engages in and makes conclusions on how they left him feeling.  One of his latest experiments involved utilizing IdeaNotion’s expertise and their IdeaPress system to convert his WordPress blog to a Windows 8 App. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Alex about his experience using IdeaPress.

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Now available on the Windows Store!

Alex first found out about IdeaNotion’s capabilities when he attended DevTo, an organization for Toronto developers and individuals working with technology. With an eagerness to try new things, he took it upon himself to use IdeaPress. He was very surprised as to how pleasant and unexpectedly easy IdeaPress was to use. Operating in the technical world but lacking the expertise of a developer, he found IdeaPress to be an especially useful tool. The instructional guide provided by IdeaNotion was found to be very comprehensive, easy to follow, and lead to an enjoyable experience. Alex additionally enjoyed the different design opportunities available through IdeaPress which even got him considering design changes to the WordPress version of the blog. One piece of advice Alex gives to future IdeaPress users is to prepare images that will be used for your App beforehand, as searching for them during the conversion can delay the process.

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The Searching for Happy Blog Windows 8 App!

Alex also looks forward to IdeaPress’s expansion into iOS and Android platforms as he believes it will allow him to reach a larger segment of his users. He has confidence that the Windows 8 App of Searching for Happy Blog will be the first step in increasing his connectivity with readers. He highly recommends IdeaPress to fellow bloggers looking to convert their WordPress sites into Windows 8 Apps and believes it is an opportunity not to be missed!

Make sure to check out the recently released Windows 8 App for Searching for Happy Blog!

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  1. Keith Loo says:

    This is WAY cool Alex! Love it.

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