App of the week: Pete and RePete!

With a passion for programming and computer science, Peter Newhook writes about all things related in his very informative personal blog: Pete and RePete. The contents of his blog include personal experiences, advice on programming and his very exciting journey to Santiago, Chile to build his startup. Despite his busy schedule, Peter took the time to speak with IdeaNotion about his recent experience in converting his WordPress blog into a Windows 8 App using IdeaPress. He explained to us how being able to better reach the Windows 8 market has allowed him to improve his relationship with viewers.

Pete and Repete 1
Pete and RePete App now available in the Windows Store!

Like most IdeaPress users, Peter found the process of publishing his app quite smooth and pleasant. He especially enjoyed the live tiles that appear during the creation process and found them to be informative of what the finished app would look like, overall making it a more enjoyable experience. We are pleased to hear that as a developer Peter liked using IdeaPress, as we want it to be utilized by both developers and non-developers alike.

Pete and Repete 2
Easily published using IdeaPress!

Peter would enjoy IdeaPress having iOS and Android capabilities and here at IdeaNotion we are looking at the possibility of expanding into these domains. He also believes that a useful tool for IdeaPress users would be the implementation of reader analytics. It would allow bloggers to have a better understanding of their readers and allow for subsequent site adjustments to be made.