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Twitter vs Facebook vs Adwords

For a small business, the choice of online advertising can seem quite daunting. Should I do all of them? Only a few? How much money should I put into it? These questions become even more important when you’re a start-up

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Why do you need an app

In a world where even your local pizza shop or bakery has an app and almost 90% of downloaded apps are only used once, more and more we’re beginning to question the need for everybody to have an app. People

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Publishing IdeaPress Apps to the Apple App Store

Welcome to this post on publishing your IdeaPress app to the Apple App Store, if you haven’t created your app using our new wizard take a look here

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IdeaPress at DevTO!

Hi again! Another update about the going ons at Idea Notion. To help spread the word about IdeaPress, we’ve been giving presentations for local groups about the service and how it can help them reach the mobile market. After presentations

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IdeaPress at MobileStartupsTO

Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago, we gave a presentation for IdeaPress to the kind folks of MobileStartupsTO. Despite the rain, we got a good turn out of over 20 coders and startup owners to come and hear about

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