Twitter vs Facebook vs Adwords

For a small business, the choice of online advertising can seem quite daunting. Should I do all of them? Only a few? How much money should I put into it? These questions become even more important when you’re a start-up or small company with a very limited budget for Marketing. Having sampled all of them, I’d like to tell you a little about the problems that we ran into and how you can avoid them. You see all of these programs post guides to how to use them. The problem with these guides is that they’re made by the owners of said companies and are therefore biased towards making THEM as much money as possible. Sometimes this will overlap with your goals, but more often than not it won’t! So here I would like to give your a brief overview of our experience with Twitter, Facebook and Google Adwords and let you know about my feelings and thoughts about the services that they offer.

Google Adwords


The Big grand daddy of online PPC (pay per click) advertising, everyone should take a look at and try out Google adwords if their looking to promote their business. breaking it down to the basics, you “bid” on having your ad shown in search results when someone searches for keywords or phrases that you select. If someone clicks on your ad, then your are charged what you bid to be there in the first place.