IdeaPress at DevTO!

Hi again!

Another update about the going ons at Idea Notion. To help spread the word about IdeaPress, we’ve been giving presentations for local groups about the service and how it can help them reach the mobile market. After presentations at Wordcamp Toronto and mobilestartupsTO, we set our sights on showing IdeaPress at DevTO

It was amazing to see the number of people who turned up to learn about IdeaPress. I especially loved how the distribution of developers and non-developers was pretty even. As the work of developers becomes more and more isnstrumental for businesses, more and more people are understanding the importance of knowing a little about coding.

Michael Siu was again up at the front giving our presentation on IdeaPress. he’s gotten pretty good at giving this presentation and really engaged the crowd, while answering their questions about how IdeaPress works.


It seemed that people most enjoyed hearing how easy it was to use IdeaPress. The simple fact is that a lot of people can use WordPress on a superficial level. It has been designed for non-coders and adding new features is just a plugin away. So while a lot of people might have the skill to make a beautiful and successfully WordPress website, they often do not have the time or means to get the technical expertise necessary for an app.

This is the true value of IdeaPress, you can create an app that captures the design essence of your website without having to write a single line of code.


After Michael’s presentation, we got treated to another lovely presentation by Codeproject