BLUNTmoms gets a Win8 App using IdeaPress!

BLUNTmoms gets a Win8 App using IdeaPress!

BLUNTmoms is blog that creates a safe haven for moms to share their personal stories about being a mom in this modern age. These personal stories range from humorous tales about their husbands to serious introspective write-ups about their lives. Regardless of the story, it provides a platform for moms to connect with one another […]

IdeaPress App of the week: The Aussie Wine Guy!

Fighting the ongoing battle against poor wine choices, the Aussie Wine Guy brings its readers daily updates on new wines coming out of Australia. There reviews and testings cater both wine enthusiasts and newbies who are just looking for a quality wine for their next dinner party. Beyond simple wine reviews, the Aussie Wine guy […]

App of the week: Pete and RePete!

With a passion for programming and computer science, Peter Newhook writes about all things related in his very informative personal blog: Pete and RePete. The contents of his blog include personal experiences, advice on programming and his very exciting journey to Santiago, Chile to build his startup. Despite his busy schedule, Peter took the time […]