BLUNTmoms gets a Win8 App using IdeaPress!

BLUNTmoms is blog that creates a safe haven for moms to share their personal stories about being a mom in this modern age. These personal stories range from humorous tales about their husbands to serious introspective write-ups about their lives. Regardless of the story, it provides a platform for moms to connect with one another on the experiences of motherhood. Recently, BLUNTmoms engaged in the use of IdeaPress to create a Windows 8 application for their WordPress blog to provide another medium for moms to connect with one another. We had the chance to speak with Christine Nielsen, blog coordinator of BLUNTmoms, to get an understanding of her experiences using our IdeaPress system.

Blunt Moms 2

Having a strong technical background, Christine found the process of creating an app quite straightforward as the progression of steps were easy to follow and well explained . This was especially facilitated by the presence of a real time preview of what the app would look like while it was being built.