To Azure or not to azure

Lately we been moving website into the cloud, but before answering the question to azure or not to azure, perhaps we should find out to cloud or not to cloud…

I think there is no definite answer to this question, and to see if your project fits into the cloud, you should look into what the project requirements are. For example, my recent client’s business requirements are:

  • the site Go viral
  • Lean start-up
  • Low to minimum IT maintance costs
  • Entrepreneurial networks

I mean, the above are like the perfect recipes to get your application into the cloud.

After deciding we should put our project into the cloud, we start comparing with cloud system to use, Amazon EC2, Google App Engine or Azure.

Amazon EC2

It is a virtual server that works exactly like a dedicated server. It is platform free, which allows you to move your existing application to cloud with minimal friction. However, IT maintenance cost will go up. EC2 seems to be a very strong candidate, but will the current project works better in IaaS or PaaS?

PaaS vs. IaaS

  • PaaS