Steps to deploy Nopcommerce 2.0+

The deployment of Nopcommerce puzzles me for a while and below I create the below check list to remind myself.

Since we are using .NET, I assumed we are all using VS2010

  1. Rebuild Solution… (yes… that will takes a while for nopcommerce to rebuild)
  2. Go to Solution Explorer, right click on Nop.Web project to publish it. publish of Nop.Web I put my nop.web publish folder in c:\…\NopcommercePublish folder
  3. Now publish Nop.Web.Admin project to c:\…\NopcommercePublish\Administrator folder
  4. Rebuild Solution… (yes… that will takes a while for nopcommerce to rebuild)
  5. Make sure the 5 dll (Nop.Admin.dll, Nop.Web.Framework.dll, Nop.Services.dll, Nop.Data.dll and Nop.Core.dll) in NopcommercePublish\bin are as recent as the one in c:\…\NopcommercePublish\Administrator\bin. If NOT, then copy from NopcommercePublish\Administrator\bin folder to NopcommercePublish\bin folder
  6. Copy plugins from the Nop.Web solution folder to the published folder \NopcommercePublish
  7. Next, copy over the entire NopcommercePublish to your Server, config your connection string in NopcommercePublish\App_Data\Settings.txt
  8. Configure your IIS and you should be up and running
  9. Restart App pool to do a final test… =)

Weird issues that I encountered during deployment

Everytime app pool restart, DLL throws error

This is due to DLL conflicts, at first I been looking at the \NopcommercePublish\Bin and \NopcommercePublish\Administrator\Bin … but it turns out to be one of the plugins contains a old DLL

Solution: Look for any dll in the olders other than the 2 published bin, the system is looking for an old dll, clear up all dll or update them.

By Michael Siu