The Marketing Group gets a Windows 8 app!

With a focus on student welfare, The Marketing Group enables students and faculty members of the University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC) to learn about Marketing and Consumer Engagement in a practical and efficient way. Recently, The Marketing Group utilized the experts at Toronto

IdeaPress Step-By-Step

What is IdeaPress and how does it work? This blog post is intended to provide a simple step-by-step walk-through of IdeaPress, as well as the “aftermath” of it. First and foremost, IdeaPress empowers an online wizard to transform any WordPress site (self-hosted or hosted on into a Windows 8 App. Here’s how it works: … Continued

Windows and Azure Over Others for IdeaPress

IdeaPress empowers you to convert any WordPress website into a Windows 8 app. It generates either a Visual Studio solution (for further customization) or an Appx package (ready for submission to Windows Store). We are very excited to offer our product on the Windows 8 platform. There are a few reasons IdeaPress is for Windows … Continued