E-commerce … or NopCommerce?

When I was first asked to write a E-commerce site, I have to decide which language to use? Should I use open source or should I use a product out there? And after a lot of research, there is really not a single product out there that will just work out of the box and … Continued

Steps to deploy Nopcommerce 2.0+

The deployment of Nopcommerce puzzles me for a while and below I create the below check list to remind myself. Since we are using .NET, I assumed we are all using VS2010 Rebuild Solution… (yes… that will takes a while for nopcommerce to rebuild) Go to Solution Explorer, right click on Nop.Web project to publish … Continued

nopCommerce Gift Card

[Disclaimer: this writing is based on nopCommerce 1.90] nopCommerce by default supports gift card (both physical and virtual), where you can specify a product variant to be a gift card, and hence allow the gift card to be purchased. This approach is intuitive and doesn’t create a separate purchasing mechanism in the code, which is … Continued

nopCommerce order processing flow chart

It’s very apparent and easy for as consultants, but at times it’s confusing for the business owners. A flow chart worth more than two-three paragraphs of words. Note: It’s pretty basic and it’s assuming that PayPal was the payment method used. If you find any mistakes in it, please let me know! If you want … Continued