Make Web Not War

Make Web Not War is a joint initiative from Idea Notion, Microsoft Canada and People and Code. The purpose of MWNW is to bring the open data community together and inspire the creation and use of Open data in order to create new possibilities in the Open Data and Open Government communities. In order to … Continued


Ecolo Odor Control solutions is one of the world leaders in providing odor control solutions for industrial, commercial and consumer use. Although they were a world leader in the field, their online presence was not generating leads. Idea Notion addressed this issue by developing an entirely new website for Ecolo and their distributors to use. … Continued


Tokken is an online community system built by Idea Notion. Users of Tokken create an account and are given a base amount of Tokken’s that they can use. These Tokken’s can be used to post a request for help to the rest of the community. Once a user runs out of Tokken’s however, they must … Continued


IdeaCloud is a product created by Idea Notion that brings animation to twitter and Instagram. Users link their twitter and instagram accounts to the system and select one or multiple hashtags that they would like to display. IdeaCloud then searches the social media sphere for those hashtags and displays them in a beautiful and artistic … Continued


IdeaPress is a product by Idea Notion that allows users to create native mobile applications from websites that use the WordPress CMS system. Originally conceived as an open source project mainly used by developers. Microsoft apporached Idea Notion and challenged us to create a wizard to allow the system to be used by anyone with … Continued