Windows and Azure Over Others for IdeaPress

IdeaPress empowers you to convert any WordPress website into a Windows 8 app. It generates either a Visual Studio solution (for further customization) or an Appx package (ready for submission to Windows Store). We are very excited to offer our product on the Windows 8 platform.


There are a few reasons IdeaPress is for Windows 8 as opposed to other platforms. One of the key factors in our decision was that we share the belief in harnessing the openness of the web and employing interoperability. Windows 8 natively supports HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 – the biggest set of open technologies available. Not only did we fall in love with the modern UI design principle where it lays stronger focus on content and less on graphics (

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One comment on “Windows and Azure Over Others for IdeaPress
  1. Nazmus Khandaker says:

    I love IdeaPress. I used it to make 7 apps so far! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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