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IdeaCloud working with SignalR

SignalR with IdeaCloud

There are two important features in IdeaCloud that we are using that require SignalR implementation. These IdeaCloud features are the “Announcement” (a push notification) and “Moderation” feature. With the implementation of these features we can push announcements to IdeaCloud and

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Twitter Feed + Instagram Wall = IdeaCloud

IdeaCloud Banner

IdeaCloud – Introduction IdeaCloud is an innovative tools to display all your tweets and Instagram pictures in one place. For event organizers, this means that you can accumulate all social media posts surrounding your events into one spot. It is

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Google Glass City Guide – Part 2

As promised in our previous post Google Glass City Guide, we’ve updated the app to address some of the challenges and limitations. We originally intended to have the app launched right into the augmented reality view, where the camera would be in-use, with open

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Google Glass OCR Tutorial using Eclipse

Glass OCR Tesseract

While scanning QR codes can be achieved by porting the ZXing library app to Google Glass (which has been accomplished by BarcodeEye), I thought it be interesting to also combine OCR and Glass. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. The Wiki definition

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Bitcoin Google Glass app

On April 10th and 11th, the Idea Notion team (Bryan Xu, Michael Siu and Raymond Tsang) joined BitcoinExpo’s In Cryto We Trust Hackathon held at Bitcoin Decentral. 34 attendees pitched 15 ideas and were divided into 10 teams to be challenged. The

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