Honda Locator

Honda Locator

Honda North America needed a logistical planning system to tackle a number of supply issues that they were experiencing. Idea Notion created a system that allowed them to bridge sales and manufacturing departments, resolve several manufacturing constraints and finally optimize vehicle assignments to dealers. By Michael Siu

4 Steps to Publish Your Win 8 App in Windows Store

When it comes to publishing your apps at a store, it’s almost always more complicated than it seems. At one point, I was publishing about 5 to 10 applications per day so I would say that I am very familiar with the Windows 8 application submission process as well as common reasons for rejection. In […]

WordPress connecting to SQL Azure

Microsoft makes WordPress on Azure easier, but a tricky situation arises when we need to use MsSQL instead of MySQL for WordPress on Azure. I recently did a project that we migrated a website where wordpress connected to MySQL DB to WordPress, then connected to MsSQL DB. I made many mistakes and encountered many issues […]

Develop WordPress on Azure Made Easy

Developing WordPress on Azure now is quite easy, thanks to the rich tools provided by Microsoft. Based on my recent experience, in this post I will highlight what needs to be done to easily develop WordPress on Azure. Prerequisites Have an