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How to make your website more accessible

Why do you want to make your site more accessible? Learning how to make your website more accessible to people with disabilities can not only open up your website to a wider audience, but also improve the experience of all of your

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NopCommerce vs. WooCommerce

Why does your website need E-Commerce? Most people nowadays have come around on the idea of E-Commerce and the value that it can provide to your company by allowing people to make purchases online. However, there are some instances where

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Make Web Not War

Make Web Not War is a joint initiative from Idea Notion, Microsoft Canada and People and Code. The purpose of MWNW is to bring the open data community together and inspire the creation and use of Open data in order

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Make Web Not War relaunch and IdeaCloud!

We just got back from a great party with the Make Web Not War team downtown, the party was to celebrate the relaunch of the MWNW movement and was hosted in the beautiful LoftRaum in downtown Toronto. Make Web Not

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How to stop users from uninstalling your apps

How to stop users from uninstalling your apps I came across an article recently that tried to tackle the increasing trend of people uninstalling apps that they don’t use on a daily basis. The article lists some relevant and valid

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