Random Password Generation

Random Password Generation

Pretty cool, can be used for many purposes, like generating the decryption and validation machine keys, etc… https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm By Bryan Xu

Select a row on GridView

There are many ways to select a row and perform whatever actions you desire in GridView. The easiest is to let its CommandField generate the select button and use the SelectedIndexChanging and SelectedIndexChanged events for the actions desired. <asp:CommandField ShowSelectButton="true" /> However, it would be more elegant if you can just select the row. 3 […]

Server.HttpEncode vs. HttpUtility.HttpEncode

Just use HttpUtility.Encode because Server.HttpEncode simply calls HttpUtility.Encode. Basically if you are trying to display text back to the user and these text are either straight from database, or from databound objects, or from current page textbox entered by user, etc, use HttpUtility.Encode, mainly to prevent script-injection and handle specials characters such as blanks and […]

ASP.NET AJAX username availability check

ASP.NET AJAX username availability check with UpdatePanel ASP.NET AJAX username availability check without UpdatePanel I used UpdatePanel in our project and it works alright. I didn’t read either of these posts when I did it. It was not too hard to figure out even though I did remember myself having some issues. However, the web […]

Modal Popup with Rounded Corners

If you set the TargetControlID of both ModalExtender and RoundedCornerExtender to one panel, ASP.NET will not like it, probably because of some JavaScript clashes. One simply trick is to have an inner panel, surrounded by an outer panel. Set the outer panel’s background color to transparent and let the inner panel have the rounded corner […]