Server.HttpEncode vs. HttpUtility.HttpEncode

Just use HttpUtility.Encode because Server.HttpEncode simply calls HttpUtility.Encode. Basically if you are trying to display text back to the user and these text are either straight from database, or from databound objects, or from current page textbox entered by user, etc, use HttpUtility.Encode, mainly to prevent script-injection and handle specials characters such as blanks and punctuations, and <, >, etc…

TextBox TextBoxRoleName = (TextBox)RolesGridView.FooterRow.FindControl(“TextBoxRoleName”);
string newRoleName = TextBoxRoleName.Text.Trim();
LabelMessage.Text = “Role ‘” + Server.HtmlEncode(newRoleName) + “‘ already exists.”;

Of course, this leads to some quite important MSDN articles:

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MSDN – .NET Security

By Bryan Xu