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How To Use IdeaPress: The New Wizard

How to get started with IdeaPress Welcome to the IdeaPress guide! Here you’ll learn how you can convert your WordPress website into an iOS, Android and Windows Phone application in a matter of minutes. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with coding, our interactive wizard will walk you through the entire process without … Continued

IdeaPress App of the week: Toronto Thumbs!

Toronto Thumbs is a gaming news site from Toronto, Canada that acts as a meeting place for all things gaming. Readers can receive updates on the gaming industry through blog posts and podcasts. Additionally, gamers can act as contributors to the site by sharing their gaming knowledge through an online forum. With most gamers being … Continued

Canadian Abilities Foundation

The Canadian Abilities Foundation (CAF) is a Canadian national charity for disabled people. IdeaNotion re-designed and re-implemented CAF’s website to strengthen its online presence.