Premium Patient Care

With Microsoft Health Bot

Healthcare Digital Transformation

Accelerate digital transformation of healthcare by teaming up with the Microsoft Health Bot Service. It allows you to offload basic routine tasks to an intelligent pre-programmed computerized system. Healthcare professionals can focus on what they’re best at and spend more time treating patients.

Business Advancement

Digital technology allows healthcare providers to deliver a better patient care experience. Invest in the right digital tool that can improve both operations and finances will bring tremendous value to your organization.



Automating repetitive and low-value tasks such as appointment bookings, provide opening hours and fill in patient forms can decrease service cost per patient.



Organization staff will be able to complete tasks with less time and effort. Improving clinical workflow empowers professions to deliver better patients care.


Boost Patient

Acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Our goal is to enhance patients’ satisfaction to raise referral volume.


Drives Revenue

Companies that adopted AI has boosted profitability and increase efficiency. On average, organizations will see a 6.3% direct revenue gain after implementing AI.



Upgrade your online chat to Microsoft Health Bot Service can differentiate your organization from other clinics and remain competitive.


Secure and

The service aligns to the highest security and compliance with globally recognized standards: HIPAA , ISO 27001, 27018, and CSA Gold and GDPR.

24/7 Availability

Research has shown that 59.3% of patients need clinic support after business hours. AI chatbot works 24/7 to offer immediate attention.

Multi-task Performer

Don’t let your patients wait in line to speak with you. A chatbot can serve all online visitors at the same time.

Task Automation

Automate appointment scheduling and conversations enables patients to enjoy the freedom of a self-serve platform.

Digital Triage

Patients can describe easily triage symptoms, and the bot can instantly suggest to the users how to react with its built-in medical protocol data.

Multilingual Support

Personalized online conversations and provide better care to patients by speaking their native language. The bot understands over 70+ languages.


Provide support simultaneously, reach your patients through different digital channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other platforms.

Built-in healthcare intelligence

The Microsoft Health Bot comes with built-in healthcare AI services. Such domain-driven intelligence, coupled with language understanding on medical terminology, creates a distinct advantage.

Customizable and extensible

Healthcare organizations can customize the functionality and extend it by integrating with pre-existing systems for scheduling and EHR accessing.

We Offer End-to-End Services

Free Consulation

Meet and greet with Q&A

Create Your Bot

Create a custom Microsoft Health Bot Service that fits your clinic’s needs

Software Synchronization

Agglomerating Health Bot Service, LUIS, and QnA Maker

Custom Webchat

Supplying a FREE custom branded web chat

Seamless Integrations

The bot will be integrated with your CRM to personalize customer interactions

Staff Training

Conducting training on operations for staff

After Care

Maintaining and enhancing the bot for continuous learning

Who Can benefit

The future is bright of utilizing the Microsoft Health Bot Service in the healthcare industry. Here are only a small group of businesses named, but AI technology is a helpful digital tool for all medical clinics. Connect with us if you are interested in adopting an intelligent health assistant.

Dental and Orthodontics
Mental Counselling & Addiction
Urgent Care
Massage & Physical Therapy

The Tech Behind

To fully unlock the potential of the Microsoft Health Bot Service and serve you better, it requires integrating third-party content with Microsoft trusted partners and a custom conversational webchat frontend. It’s a multi-layered, in-depth technology that requires a high level of developing skills. IdeaNotion team will handle the back-end technologies, so no coding is needed for our clients. The ultimate goal is to bring a customizable and extensible bot for your organizations.

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