Creating native Windows 8 apps using web technologies

A while back we assisted the Canadian Abilities Foundation on one of the conferences they participated in, where they wanted to conduct surveys with the conference goers using a tablet (iPad, Android pad, or Windows tablets).

Javascript – Dynamically Built Front-End for Back-End Testing

When testing back-end systems have you always wished that your front-end would just handle itself so you can focus on what’s important? Well that’s what I’m discussing today. Last week I had to write a HTML testing page for testing a

JavaScript Better Practices

This is from a post called ASP.NET AJAX Best Priactices on CodeProject, but after reading it I’ve rather call it as titled. Here is the general summary on this very very nice article: Use “var” whenever a variable is to be declared Reduce scopes (Try avoiding nesting, functions or loops) Use less DOM element concatenation … Continued