CAPTCHA stands for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart”. It’s those distorted text in almost all the sites that require sign up these days, blog, emails, forums, etc. The Official CAPTCHA Site An ASP.NET Framework for Human Interactive Proofs The Code Project: CAPTCHA Image – A fundamental approach to create … Continued

ASP.NET Membership

General knowledge: MSDN Security Developer Center ASP.NET 2.0 Security Guildlines ASP.NET Membership, Roles, Forms Authentication, and Security Resources ASP.NET Authentication ASP.NET Authorization System.Web.Security Namespace Membership: Introduction to Membership MSDN – Membership Class MSDN – MembershipUser Class MSDN – MembershipUserCollection Class By Bryan Xu

ASP.NET Security Tutorials

There are so much information on ASP.NET Membership/Roles/Login/Profile, as you might have noticed the number of posts I gathered under the “Membership” category. Our of everything, Microsoft’s official Security tutorials would be the place I choose to start, and more of these tutorials are still actively being added. Security Basics and ASP.NET Support An overview … Continued

Login Controls

There are 7 Login Controls in Visual Studio Web Developer 2008 Express Edition. ASP.NET Login Controls Overview Login – provides user interface (UI) elements for logging in to a Web site. ASP.NET Quickstart Tutorials – Login LoginView – displays the appropriate content template for a given user, based on the user’s authentication status and role … Continued

4GuysFromRolla – Membership, Roles, and Profile

There is a series of 9 articles on ASP.NET’s Membership, Roles, and Profile on 4GuysFromRolla: Examining ASP.NET 2.0’s Membership, Roles, and Profile (There is a link to the Provider Model’s article as well. ) Part 1 – learn about how the membership features make providing user accounts on your website a breeze. This article covers … Continued