The .NET Framework type to ADO.NET data type mappings

.NET Framework Type ADO.NET Database Type SQL Data Type String Varchar Varchar() String Nvarchar Nvarchar() String NChar Nchar() String NText NText String Text Text Double BigInt Float DateTime DateTime Datetime DateTime SmallDateTime Smalldatetime Int Int Int Int64 BigInt Bigint Int16 SmallInt smallint Byte[] Binary Binary() Byte[] Image Image Byte[] VarBinary Varbinary() Byte TinyInt Tinyint Bool … Continued

Binding Data to Data Web Controls

4GuysFromRolla – Binding a Scalar Array to Data Web Control The ASP.NET data Web controls can display any data that implements either the IEnumerable interface or the IListSource interface. They are bound through two lines of codes: The object is assigned to the data Web control’s DataSource property The data Web control’s DataBind() method is … Continued

Data Access Tutorials

Microsoft ASP.NET Official Data Access Tutorials – really covers a whole varieties of topics, take the time to read them. By Bryan Xu