ASP.NET Page Info

Just couple articles: MSDN – The ASP.NET Page Object Model 4GuysFromRolla – How ASP.NET Web Pages are Processed on the Web Server By Bryan Xu


The only way for an ASP.NET page to realize that you are using a server control (like asp:Textbox or input type=”text”) is to have runat=”server” in the control tag. This is very important; forgetting it will cause the ASP.NET engine to pass over the control as HTML. By Bryan Xu

Send Emails in ASP.NET

The following two resources links shall deem useful: System.Net.Mail 4GuysFromRolla – Sending Email in ASP.NET 2.0 In addition, the MS tutorial video below also demonstrates a way to send email: How Do I: Create a “Contact Us” Page By Bryan Xu

$get & $find

From Mr. Matt Berseth’s blog… everything you need to know… The Ever-Useful $get and $find ASP.NET AJAX Shortcut Functions By Bryan Xu


Couple general readings by Scott Mitchell on his 4GuysFromRolla: