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PhoneGap’s Ability to Dynamically Update a Mobile App

I’d like to take some time to talk about how PhoneGap can be used to push app updates to users without having to resubmit your app to each store that it is published in. All mobile app developers know about the trying task of publishing updates/revisions of your app to the various app stores. Nevertheless, … Continued

Django running on Linux VM using Windows Azure

At Confoo 2013, we have worked with Make Web Not War and created a HTML5 Word Cloud using HTML5, socket.IO and Node.JS which runs on a Linux VM using Windows Azure. Yes, you have heard it right – LINUX VM on Windows Azure! As of lately I

Using Azure Worker Role as Email Processing Server

Windows Azure enables you to be more creative by leveraging web/worker roles, parallelism, queuing, service bus, distributed cache, and a lot more. I just want to share an easy way to delegate the email component to Azure Worker Role and Azure Queue storage. Sending email is a very basic and common scenario for web application. … Continued