AJAX FileUpload

AJAX-styled FileUpload is the ultimately goal. It’s quite painful right now. I certainly hope that Microsoft comes up with a “real” solution in the near future.

Here are some existing resources to look at, until we combine all the knowledge and build our own. I’ve simply ignore all the paid services and components out there, but modifications to a certain open source solution is definitely acceptable.

JavaScript/Flash – looks very good at least, and it’s open source.

Microsoft’s Official ASP.NET video tutorial is actually based off this.

Uses WebServices – lower level, less of a hack or work-around

Microsoft’s most basic tutorial

Does the job, need to dig deep into the non-english code to configure it nicer; Open source

Seems to be actually neat; Open source

Says itself to be a helper class; Open source

CodeProject: Multiple File Upload With Progress Bar Using Flash and ASP.NET
Rating’s high… LOL

Another iframe version and has progress bars

Some other reference – relating to help of XML

We need to test all the above and eventually come up with our own flash/activex component.

By Bryan Xu