How To Use IdeaPress: The New Wizard

How to get started with IdeaPress

Welcome to the IdeaPress guide! Here you’ll learn how you can convert your WordPress website into an iOS, Android and Windows Phone application in a matter of minutes. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with coding, our interactive wizard will walk you through the entire process without you needing to write a single line of code. Find out how to create an account, input your website, create your app then submit it all in this guide.

Creating an account

Your first step with IdeaPress, creating an account is necessary because we need to be able to store all of the apps you make! The email address is so that we can send you your apps once we make them. So let’s get started:

Step 1:

Head to the homepage of IdeaPress and click the “Get Started” button located on the bottom of the phone.

Get started button on phone

Step 2:

Input your account info including your email address and password.

Email and password input in boxes 

Inputting your website

Now that you’ve created an account, we can get down to what you’re really here for: App making! First off though you’ll have to add your WordPress website to IdeaPress before you can start making the app for it.

Step 1:

Login to your account and click on the green “Create Site” button on the top left part of the dashboard.


Step 2:

Now we get to input your WordPress website and name your project. If you have a website, then you can breeze through this step. However, if you have a self-hosted WordPress website, then you’ll need to download and install our plugin. If you need help installing it, then follow these instructions.

The website input page for IdeaPress

Don’t worry about choosing the right type of app here, you will be able to go back at any time and start a new project on a different platform.

Creating your app

Now we get to the part we’ve all been waiting for. The part where you get to make your very own iOS, Android and WinPhone apps for your WordPress site!

Step 1:

Here you’ll have to input all of the details of your app. This includes: the app name which will appear at the top of your app, the description that will appear in the app store, the about section which will appear in your app and finally the keywords which will dictate how your app is searched for in the various app stores.

app info section for IdeaPress

Step 2:

Here we get to the fun part, where you get to design and style your app. You get to choose the Colours, style and photos that will be included in your app. Each kind of app will have different photo requirements based on their respective app store requirements. They are very strict with resolution and size, so make sure your images are as specified. Some image types are optional, these images are not required for the app store, but will make your app look better in some cases.

Style section of IdeaPress

As an added bonus, you can see what your changes will look like using the fully interactive live preview phone to the right of the wizard. Try it out!

Step 3:

The final part of making your app is deciding which categories and pages you want to include in your app. These categories are pulled from your website and you can include a maximum of 10 of each type. To add a category or page, simply drag it from the exclude section into the included section. You can rearrange the order of either type by dragging it up or down.

Categories and pages inclusion

If you do not want to include either categories or pages in your app, simply remove all option from the included section. When you’ve completed all steps, hit the Save button at the top right of the wizard to save all of your settings before exiting.

Submitting your app

Now that you’ve customized your app to your desire, you can submit it to be built.

Step 1:

On the dashboard of the app in question, once you have saved a project that has all of the necessary requirements, a new icon will appear below the app: Publish. Click on this icon to begin generating your app.

Publishing icons next to edit icon in dashboard

Step 2:

Once you click on the publishing button, you will be taken to our store page. If you just want the apps, then choose the build bundle option. If you’re looking to tinker with your app even more and add features, then you’ll want the for developer option. Once you purchase the build bundle for one app, it will be unlocked for all other platforms!

IdeaPress store page with build bundle and developer options

Step 3:

Once you’ve chosen which option you would like, you will be taken to our terms and conditions page. In order to progress, you must read and accept our terms and conditions. Here you will also have the opportunity to insert any coupon code that you may have. Simply type it in and hit accept. your price will drop according to the coupons value. Once you hit accept, you will be forwarded to paypal in order to process your payment.

Agreement to terms of use page with coupon code box

Once you gone through paypal, you will be returned to your dashboard and should see the following message at the top. You will then receive your app within the hour by email to your accounts email address.

Payment confirmation page

If you don’t, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Happy App Making!

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4 comments on “How To Use IdeaPress: The New Wizard
  1. Wish I found this post before I started as your instructions are very well laid out. I managed to work through it myself (not too difficult). Seemed to work fine when I first open the app on my phone. But having problems with my app freezing on the “Loading…” screen for every subsequent time I try to open the app (already submitted a message to support). It seems to be related to the Home category as the other categories seems to load okay.

    • Colin Chung says:

      We’ve seen the unending “loading” issue before and are currently looking into it. It appears to be a problem fetching content from the website.

      • Thanks for the response. Yes, I was thinking something like that. I noticed that if I delete the app data on my phone and restart the app it loads fine (at least for one time).

        • Colin Chung says:

          My suggestion for now would be to use a minimal amount of categories if your website takes some time to load (5+ seconds) such as “Recent News” by itself. This is because there’s the danger that if one category of topics takes too long to fetch from the website then the home page won’t load, so the more categories the higher the risk.

          Currently we are working to have each category load separately instead of all together on the front page. Once we are finished that should help this issue and allow us to show something on the home page quicker.

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