Make Web Not War

Make Web Not War is a joint initiative from Idea Notion, Microsoft Canada and People and Code. The purpose of MWNW is to bring the open data community together and inspire the creation and use of Open data in order to create new possibilities in the Open Data and Open Government communities. In order to create and manage this community, an online presence was needed.

Make Web Not WarIdea Notion used WordPress to create a responsive website for MWNW that would allow the community to grow through new posts, tutorials and communication. We added full authorship information to inform viewers of who they were reading as well as an easy to use back-end system for the authors to use to easily post articles and updates.  We also included an easy to use table feature to allow new viewers to search for the tutorial they needed to get started in the Open Data community.

Make Web Not War2

 The solution that we delivered has helped Make Web Not War become a thriving community that is beginning to reach out the the government. Take a look at their website and join the community!

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