IdeaPress – Release Notes

Release Notes – Ideapress 2.0.11 (May 7th, 2013)

Critical Bugs:

  • fix critical bug in 2.0.10specified bug
  • Improved performance

Release Notes – Ideapress 2.0.10 (May 7th, 2013)

Critical Bugs:

  • Live tile image missing fix
  • “Read More” option fix in options.js
  • Tile number fix
  • New additional theme for sites that doesn’t have a lot of pictures

Release Notes – Ideapress 2.0.9 (April 19th, 2013)

Critical Bugs:

  • Special Character Encoding Support
    • Fixed an issue where unescape characters showing Live Tile text (i.e. &s;)
    • Fixed an issue where title is displaying illegal characters
  • Fixed a crash issue where JSON response was mixed with HTML
    • Only affect some WordPress website that has a Cache related plugin
  • Fixed the “Read More” link which opens up a new browser
    • Only affected some WordPress themes that has “Read More”  button
    • You need to activate this fix by going in your options.js and change the line from fetchOnPostInit:false, to fetchOnPostInit:true,
  • post comment error is now fixed
  • Fixed Snapped-mode styling issues for “rectangle”, “large” and “variable” layouts
  • Fixed a Live tile background thread crash issue for


  • Performance Improvement
    • Reduce the initial load time by lazy loading the images and contents
    • Reduce image download time by using image thumbnails
  • WordPress.COM – live tile performance improved by using image thumbnails

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