IdeaPress mobile makes it’s debut at WordCamp 2013!

It’s been a long time coming, but IdeaPress mobile is finally here! We got to debut the new IdeaPress at Wordcamp 2013 here in Toronto! The event was HUGE! with a mixture of WordPress experts and developers all there for the weekend to learn more about WordPress and new interesting trends in the CMS space. We got to present on Sunday, the last day and our lead developer: Michael Siu gave the presentation to tons of interested people. Everyone seemed to love the new “Dynamic updating” addition that lets users change the styling of their apps even after it has been published. Of course everyone was glad to see the iOS and Android additions as well 🙂

856126_660440703990404_560898346_o IMG_20131006_112254Afterwords to our surprise, we were given a booth to showcase IdeaPress to people travelling presentations, we wish we’d know so that we could prepare a poster! Next time we’ll be ready!

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