IdeaPress has launched!

Hey Everyone,

We at IdeaNotion have been working hard the past couple of months on what is one of our most impressive creations yet, IdeaPress. For those of you that don’t know IdeaPress is a Windows 8 app that transforms any WordPress run site into a Windows 8 app in minutes. The team worked many long and hard hours often ending work when most people were waking up. To have IdeaPress successfully launched is an extremely rewarding feeling. After all the hard work everyone on the team has put in to finally launch IdeaPress is something we very excited about sharing with all of you.

Check out this video to learn more about IdeaPress

IdeaPress has something for everyone, developers have the option to use the basic framework to create their own WordPress run app, provides an easy to use tool for the design community to create and IdeaPress opens up opportunities for businesses across the globe.

IdeaPress is so useful because it can turn any WordPress run website (over 62 million) into a Windows 8 application. IdeaPress employs an easy to use wizard with the end result as being either a Visual Studio solution or an Appx package that you can have directly published onto the Windows Store.

IdeaPress is unique because it is the first service of its kind that can allow just about anyone to convert their WordPress run website into an app in a matter of minutes. The easy to follow set up opens up the opportunity for businesses, blogs, and websites to access a whole new market through the Windows Store. These days having your own app means a whole new level of exposure. We have worked hard to bring you IdeaPress and we hope you enjoy it. Click here to check it out!


IdeaPress is open source. For developers, you can download it from GitHub and remember to read our README.

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12 comments on “IdeaPress has launched!
  1. Naveed Shahid says:


  2. brianmoura says:

    Very cool. Are there some Word Press blogs –> Windows 8/RT apps that have been created this way that we can check out?

  3. Excellent work! Look forward to a few more features appearing to make it even better! 🙂

  4. Richard says:

    So where is the link to IdeaPress? I can’t find any link on the web to this new service. Is this vaporware?

  5. Aakash Doshi says:

    Great news!! But ideapress seems to be down.Can you provide the exact link

  6. Martin L says:

    That’s a great concept. Is anyone doing this for generating a Android 4.x app as well?

  7. slegler says:

    Mine failed certification from the Windows Store. The ability to comment on a WordPress Post from the Windows 8 Application says “Can’t connect to the Service.” Is there a key or something I’m missing? I used the wizard from to create the Visual Studio Project. Overall the process is great, but having the ability to post a comment from the application and it not working causes Microsoft to fail the certification.

    • Bryan Xu says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience. We are aware of the issue and will have a hotfix ready by the end of the week. I will let you know once it’s in. Thanks for your support.

    • Michael Siu says:

      The new release of IdeaPress will fix this bug. If you regenerate your app through the wizard again, it will fix it. Thank you.

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