IdeaPress App of the week: Toronto Thumbs!

Toronto Thumbs is a gaming news site from Toronto, Canada that acts as a meeting place for all things gaming. Readers can receive updates on the gaming industry through blog posts and podcasts. Additionally, gamers can act as contributors to the site by sharing their gaming knowledge through an online forum. With most gamers being quite tech savvy, it was a matter of time before Toronto Thumbs utilized IdeaNotion to create a Windows 8 application for their WordPress website to provide news on-the-go to fellow gamers. We had the opportunity to get into contact with Jorge Figueiredo, the Editor-in-Chief of the site, to get some insight on his IdeaPress experience.

The Toronto Thumbs Win 8 App in the Windows Store!

The Toronto Thumbs Win 8 App in the Windows Store!

Jorge found the app creation process very easy and enjoyed that he could he see the results of his work within a couple of minutes. Interestingly, he even mentioned that making the app development

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  1. Mmmm… Games… My inner (and outer) boy says I must download this Windows app.

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