IdeaNotion Takes Over ConFoo 2013

Hey Everyone,

We have been pretty busy lately and have just gotten back from attending ConFoo. For those of you that don’t know ConFoo is a web techno conference that is dedicated to web development. This year IdeaNotion had the chance to take part in it and showcase ourselves in the Make Web Not War lounge.

Make Web Not War is for Canadian tech enthusiasts who are all about open technology and building technology solutions together. We at IdeaNotion have a lot in common with Make Web Not War as we are both strong advocates for promoting and supporting open technology.

Camera 360Camera 360

We got to help out at the Make Web Not War lounge at ConFoo 2013 as we were one of the 5 sponsors. We had a blast showcasing Windows 8 and teaching people how to use it.

Of course while we were at ConFoo we showcased two of our latest products, the first being MetroPress which can turn any WordPress hosted website into a easily customizable Windows 8 app in a matter of minutes. We got to show off the Word Cloud, a program that pulls tweets posts from instagram and Four Square and showcases them in a visually stunning fashion.

wordcloud1word cloud2

We loved the response we got and regularly had ConFoo attendees stopping by to tweet away and get their tweets in the Word Cloud.

In addition to all the amazing people we met there was a lot to take in including a chance to get yourself printed in 3D!

We had a chance to give some interviews and give some insights into the latest at IdeaNotion. We will be posting our interviews in the coming weeks. The whole ConFoo experience was unreal and came to an end all too soon, we had such an amazing time and are already looking forward to next year!

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