IdeaCloud working with SignalR

SignalR with IdeaCloud

There are two important features in IdeaCloud that we are using that require SignalR implementation. These IdeaCloud features are the “Announcement” (a push notification) and “Moderation” feature. With the implementation of these features we can push announcements to IdeaCloud and ban any feed at the moderation panel.

What is ASP.NET SignalR?

ASP.NET SignalR is a new library that makes developing real-time web functionality easy. It allows bi-directional communication between server and client, pushing content to connected clients the instant it becomes available.

So, what this means is that the SignalR allows the server to send information to the front end in real-time.


Lets look at the moderation feature available in IdeaCloud. Moderation in IdeaCloud is used to ban a particular social message or user that is already on the IdeaCloud Wall. Administrators can use this feature to filter out unwanted users and messages.

IdeaCloud Moderation
Administrators can filter through the Moderation panel, and their actions are  sent through SignalR from back end to front end browsers. Then the browsers can hide or delete the comments in real-time.


The announcement feature has a custom popup message on the front end which overlays on the IdeaCloud Wall. It is used to catch the audiences attention at an event or conference.

IdeaCloud Annoucement
Announcements are triggered by the Announcement panel. After inputting your message in HTML format, the user can set a timer to adjust how long the message will display. As soon as the user triggers the “Activate” button on the Announcement panel, SignalR will send this message from backend to front end browsers and have an overlay message displayed on the appropriate IdeaCloud Wall.

How SignalR is used in IdeaCloud?

In IdeaCloud, SignalR is works as shown in the following diagram:
IdeaCloud Architecture

IdeaCloud Server: Control Panel triggers the Announcement or the Moderate feature based on admin inputs. It will call LiveUpdateHub to broadcast its requests.
LiveUpdateHub: Keeps track of how many browsers open IdeaCloud and responsible for broadcasting the message to them
SignalR: In real-time, SignalR communicates between LiveUpdateHub and all available IdeaCloud walls.
IdeaCloud: Front end Javascript is responsible for listening to the broadcast messages and performing the Announcement or Moderation features

SignalR enables IdeaCloud to interact with admin inputs in real-time which makes it a perfect tool for IdeaCloud to adopt. In the future, it will be able to use SignalR to extend IdeaCloud with audience inputs which will be even more interesting. If you have any questions or want more information please visit the IdeaCloud website.

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