Case Study: Plumbing Invoicing System Improvement

Our client, an Ontario-based plumbing builder company, was looking for a way to improve the process and speed up the efficiency of their business

The Situation:

One of our clients is a plumbing builder company who works with more than thousands of houses and buildings annually. Plumbing construction is done in stages and it requires multiple invoices for the completed stages. That being said, our client reported that they lost over 50 man days due to management and invoicing errors. In addition, they reported that they would spend up to 5 days to create invoices manually. Our client lacked an integrated solution that can manage their customers and jobs, as well as to create invoices. So, they were looking for a way to speed up and automate their business process which will help them save time and money.

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Our Solution:

We created an integrated system for the client to increase their efficiencies by managing their operational workflow, order management, and invoice generation. As soon as the Status is updated, invoices were automatically generated on QuickBooks Online. Our system was also designed to work with other accounting software such as Wave Accounting and Sage Simply Accounting. The only thing they needed to do was to add the name of the Builder, select the model template, the amount, and the date to create invoices.

Capabilities of our software:

  • Builder Management: manages the builders and clarify which lot is associated with which builder
  • Model Type Templates: defines the order for the different house (model) type
  • Job (Lot) files management: manages the job associated with a particular house
  • Parts Management: parts that are associated with Lot files, as each house may need different parts
  • Contractor Management: tracks which employee works on which house and the stages on which they work

Screen shot of the system

Our Result:

Our solution helped our client to visualize their jobs operation which made it easier to manage human resources. It significantly reduced their management cost and cost due to errors.  It also eliminates the 5 days needed for the invoices creation process.  These cost reductions easily justified the ROI for the project. Other benefits of our system included many reductions in hours for human errors, accountant’s working hours and communication cost with the clients.

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