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Standard ASP.NET 3.5 Ajax Controls and Toolkit Extensions

ASP.NET AJAX username availability check

ASP.NET AJAX username availability check with UpdatePanel ASP.NET AJAX username availability check without UpdatePanel I used UpdatePanel in our project and it works alright. I didn’t read either of these posts when I did it. It was not too hard

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Lazy-Load on ModalPopup

This is the scenario: we have a Data control inside the Modal div, and we don’t want all the data inside this modal popup to be loaded when the main page is loaded. We want them to be loaded when

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RoundedCorner Web Control

Couple articles extracted from Scott Mitchell’s 4GuysFromRolla on RoundedCorner Web Control: Introducing the RoundedCorner Web Control Improving the RoundedCorner Web Control By Bryan Xu

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Update Panel control

First step one should take to understand UpdatePanel – what it is and what it can do… MSDN – UpdatePanel Class MSDN – UpdatePanel Control Overview Introduction to the UpdatePanel Control Creating a SImple ASP.NET Page with Multiple UpdatePanel Controls

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Lazy-Load TabPanels

Matt Berseth’s blog talks about lazy-load for the Ajax Toolkit Tab Panels: The basic idea is to put an update panel inside each tab panel, along with a hidden button as the async trigger of the update panel. The

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