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Cascading Style Sheets

Flash to HTML5 – CSS & The Art of Imitation

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Flash mobile is dead and whether you love it or hate it we are now left with HTML5.

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CSS Friendly Adapters and Skins

ASP.NET CSS Friendly Control Adapters I guess this exists because Microsoft realizes that some of its rendered HTML code are not that easy to apply CSS to. So this adapter comes and stands in the way of the

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ScrollBar styles

Apparently scroll bar styles are only supported by IE. Diddn’t realize this until today. Regardless, I think it’s a pretty cool thing to have and Firefox and Safari will eventually adopt it. Here’s a site to generate the CSS codes.

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Don’t know how to make your website pretty? Nothing new, it’s always a struggle… TURN FOR HELP AND LEARN! WebDesignerWall – This site is just GOD LIKE. It’s beyond awesomeness!! Don’t know how? LEARN!! Below are several other misc sites,

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CSS – Fonts

font-family CSS defines 5 generic font families: (You can employ any of these families in a document by using the property font-family.) Serif fonts These fonts are proportional and have serifs. A font is proportional if all characters in the

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