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How IdeaCloud distributes workload on Microsoft Azure

IdeaCloud Microsoft Azure

IdeaCloud’s social media processing and analysis requires intense CPU time and high-frequency I/O. To avoid straining the web servers, IdeaCloud needs to achieve high-scalability and must be able to distribute workload. With scalability in mind, IdeaCloud was developed on the

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Using Azure Worker Role as Email Processing Server

Windows Azure enables you to be more creative by leveraging web/worker roles, parallelism, queuing, service bus, distributed cache, and a lot more. I just want to share an easy way to delegate the email component to Azure Worker Role and

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Neo4j – Securing Access on Azure

After installing Neo4j on Azure, you will notice that your Neo4j instance is publicly accessible without any security. Unfortunately, Neo4j does not come with a build-in user authentication. In order to access to Neo4j Server securely, you have to write a

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Develop WordPress on Azure Made Easy

Developing WordPress on Azure now is quite easy, thanks to the rich tools provided by Microsoft. Based on my recent experience, in this post I will highlight what needs to be done to easily develop WordPress on Azure. Prerequisites Have

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Neo4j and Azure Deployment Improvement

We’ve learned how to run Neo4j on Azure using VS 2010 or VS 2012 thanks to these two blog posts: by Chris Skardon and by Magnus Mårtensson and Peter Neubauer. The VS solution provided by Neo4j is a

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