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AMT – Windows 8 and phone apps

The Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (AMT) is the umbrella organization that plans, integrates, and coordinates public transportation services across Canada’s Greater Montreal Region. Idea Notion developed the beautiful Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps to help travelers to track trains in real-time and plan

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STM – Windows 8 and phone apps

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is the main public transportation administration in Montreal, they control the buses and subways that allow commuters to travel around the city. While they had iOS and Android apps to help their travelers, they

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Make Web Not War Mobile

Make Web Not War Mobile apps were built and powered by IdeaPress. The apps supports for all major mobile platforms: iPhone and iPad Android Google Play Windows Phone 8 Windows 8 Store By Raymond Tsang

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Skylar Brand Evaluation Survey Tool iOS App

This is a tool developed together with brand experts at Skylar Media Group to give an overall indication of how well your brand performs on a wide scope, on an ongoing basis. The app works cross-platform for iPhone, iPad, Android

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OnSet Magazine

Onset Magazine reports on Ontario’s tech start-up industry by offering young entrepreneurs a publication that informs, motivates, and supports them as they enter the start-up scene.
IdeaNotion turned OnSet Magazine’s Wordpress-based website into a Windows 8 application using MetroPress.

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