BlogEngine.Net SocialPublish (twitter) extension

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6 comments on “BlogEngine.Net SocialPublish (twitter) extension
  1. Thanks for the extension!!! I have it working using both the auto Twitter posting and URL shorting. Right now I only the ‘home’ page via the {url}, not the perm link… Any ideas?

  2. ak_netchat says:

    Excellent work, try to add LinkedIn and Facebook groups as well if possible

  3. Dante says:

    I must be doing somthing wrong. I load everything in and then the site fails. The lib folder gets uploaded to the root…correct?

    Is this compatible with BlogEngine 2.5?
    I have never loaded dll files into my BlogEngine instance for an Extension or Widget before, am I missing loading something?

  4. Steffen J says:

    Hmm…I’ve set it up like you described above, but I’m not getting any post on Twitter when I create a new post. What could be wrong?

  5. Jonnie says:

    1. Download the extension, and extract the files to the proper folders.

    Can you elaborate on this? I’m unsure what to do with the downloaded files.

  6. Nader says:

    The link doesnt seem to be working. it says service unavailable, is there another link?

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