Case Study: Plumbing Invoicing System Improvement

Our client, an Ontario-based plumbing builder company, was looking for a way to improve the process and speed up the efficiency of their business The Situation: One of our clients is a plumbing builder company who works with more than thousands of houses

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How IdeaCloud distributes workload on Microsoft Azure

IdeaCloud Microsoft Azure

IdeaCloud’s social media processing and analysis requires intense CPU time and high-frequency I/O. To avoid straining the web servers, IdeaCloud needs to achieve high-scalability and must be able to distribute workload. With scalability in mind, IdeaCloud was developed on the

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IdeaCloud working with SignalR

SignalR with IdeaCloud

There are two important features in IdeaCloud that we are using that require SignalR implementation. These IdeaCloud features are the “Announcement” (a push notification) and “Moderation” feature. With the implementation of these features we can push announcements to IdeaCloud and

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The Big Tweet and Word Cloud

The Big Tweet or Word Cloud are two different types of Twitter Walls IdeaCloud provides for event organizers. Both products project tweets in real-time, but in radically different ways. The Big Tweet The Big Tweet showcases common tweets and frequent

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Instagram and Picture Walls

The Power of Instagram With Instagram exploding and more and more people flocking to the social media platform to share their lives with friends, we thought we’d take a minute to explain the benefits of IdeaCloud’s Picture Wall. The Picture

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