Android SDK is slow? Speed it up

Don’t you find the Android emulator is  running a bit slow on windows environment?  Unfortunately, the way the emulator is…  the way it is.   I played around with different options, and there are a few things you can do to speed it up (quite significantly actually).

  1.  Use the snapshot option.  The snapshot option can reduce the boot up time significantly (2-3 mins for me) because it saves the device state when you shut down the emulator.
  2. Increase your RAM size to 1024MB or more if you can afford it.  This seems to do the trick and speed up the emulator A LOT.
  3. Another I noticed is that Android 3.2 seems to run slower than Android 2.x.
  4. Set CPU affinity for the emulator.


Hope some of those options can help your Android Emulator runs a bit smoother..   fingers crossed!


By Raymond Tsang

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  1. 4nh7i3m says:

    Using Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager can also speed it our AVD. I tried with the instructions from this article . It really speed the AVD up. AVD is now pretty fast for debugging.

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