IdeaNotion now has an Android App!

IdeaNotion now has an Android App!

To all our Android users, we are pleased to announce that we now have an IdeaNotion Android application. We feel it is a great way to stay connected with everyone, so make sure to download our FREE app on Google Play! Check it out here!  

BJ Technology News Blog uses IdeaPress to get a Win 8 app!

BJ Technology News Blog is a blog that highlights daily news in the tech industry, promotes tips and tricks for fellow techies and provides information on tech related topics. The blog creator, Bernardo Arocho Jr., also uses the blog as way to also document his personal experiences in the IT industry. Recognizing the popularity of […]

Check out the Crunchy Carpets app brought to you by IdeaPress

The Crunchy Carpets blog was started by Kerry Sauriol, a veteran mother raising three kids and several pets. Having experienced them first hand, Kerry understood the challenges that new mothers face in raising children. The Blog features articles on common challenges that mothers face as well as advise from herself