ASP.NET Validation

ASP.NET Validation

Validation is pretty essential for a web page with form submission. But even with all the help from Microsoft’s wonderful validation controls, at times some petty details becomes quite annoying problems to solve. This post is to list out some useful resources… Validating ASP.NET Server Controls User Input Validation in ASP.NET ASP.NET Validation […]

CheckBox Validation

ASP.NET provides all the wonderful validation controls and perform both client-side and server-side validation. However, to validate a CheckBox, only the Custom Validation Control can be used. Assume you have the following… <span><asp:CheckBox ID="MyCheckBox" runat="server" onClick="if (this.checked) CheckBoxChecked(); else CheckBoxUnchecked();" />Yes, your website is awesome! =) </span> <asp:CustomValidator ID="MyCheckBoxValidator" runat="server" ErrorMessage="Custom Validator" ClientValidationFunction="ClientValidateMyCheckBox" ValidationGroup="MyValidationGroup" OnServerValidate="MyCheckBoxValidator_ServerValidate">Required.</asp:CustomValidator> […]

CSS Friendly Adapters and Skins

ASP.NET CSS Friendly Control Adapters I guess this exists because Microsoft realizes that some of its rendered HTML code are not that easy to apply CSS to. So this adapter comes and stands in the way of the rendering process to generate different sets of HTML. It’s pretty cool because at the very […]