IdeaPress App of the week: The Aussie Wine Guy!

Fighting the ongoing battle against poor wine choices, the Aussie Wine Guy brings its readers daily updates on new wines coming out of Australia. There reviews and testings cater both wine enthusiasts and newbies who are just looking for a quality wine for their next dinner party. Beyond simple wine reviews, the Aussie Wine guy … Continued

Searching for Happy is now a Windows 8 App!

Searching for Happy Blog is the popular personal blog of Alex Conde that focuses on the journey of finding happiness and the experiences that bring it about.

The Marketing Group gets a Windows 8 app!

With a focus on student welfare, The Marketing Group enables students and faculty members of the University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC) to learn about Marketing and Consumer Engagement in a practical and efficient way. Recently, The Marketing Group utilized the experts at Toronto

IdeaPress Step-By-Step

What is IdeaPress and how does it work? This blog post is intended to provide a simple step-by-step walk-through of IdeaPress, as well as the “aftermath” of it. First and foremost, IdeaPress empowers an online wizard to transform any WordPress site (self-hosted or hosted on into a Windows 8 App. Here’s how it works: … Continued

ONSet Magazine and its Win8 App by IdeaPress

Post By: ONset Magazine Team Starting a magazine? There’s an app for that. There are plenty of apps out there that help entrepreneurs manage their busy day. But when it comes to creating the right culture, choosing the right office and hiring the right employees, start-uppers may have to rely on their experience, luck and, … Continued