IdeaPress v2 FAQ

IdeaPress FAQ questions


1. What does my app purchase get me?

  • Purchasing the app package allows you to create and publish apps for all three mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) as many times as you’d like for the website that you purchased the package for.

2. How can I pay?

  • We accept payment through the secure Paypal online payment system.

3. What do I get when I pay for publishing?

  • When you purchase our assisted publishing package we will publish the app in question to its respective store on your behalf.  Publishing time varies for each store with Android apps usually up withing 24 hours, Windows Phone apps up in 2-5 business days and iOS apps up in 1-2 weeks. If for any reason we are unable to publish your app, you will be refunded.

4. Why are your app publishing services priced differently depending on the store?

  • Different app stores have varying processes to getting an app published, our prices vary depending on the time it takes to complete the process.

5. How long is my app maintained in store for?

  • If you choose our assisted publishing service, your app will be maintained in the store until the next major iteration of the app stores that would require us to republish your app.



1. Why do I need to download your plugin?

  • The JSON API plugin allows your app to contact your website and access new content. The plugin is only able to access content that is viewable to the public on your website and is not capable of modifying your website in any way.

2. How do I download and install the plugin properly?

  • Detailed innstructions for installing the plugin can be found here

3. I installed the plugin, but it’s still not showing up in the wizard!

  • Check to see if the plugin has been enabled, then try restarting your browser. If it still does not work, contact us at and we’ll be happy to take a look.

4. How quickly does the plugin work?

  • The plugin will update the content on your app almost instantly from when you post it on your website.

5. What happens if I remove the plugin after my app is published?

  • Your app will no longer be able to update with new content, but will remain in the app store until it is reported as broken. Users downloading the app for the first time will not be able to view any content from your website.

6.  I’m getting a 404 when I try to search the api url!

  • A common reason for this has been identified in the Google Analytics Plugin; disable the option to “Rewrite ugly URL’s to clean permalinks”


1. I can’t see my article pictures on the demo phone in the wizard!

  • The demo phone draws its content from what is published on your website currently, pictures that you add in the wizard are not shown because you haven’t uploaded them to your WordPress site yet. To test out a picture, make a post with it, then view it on the demo phone in the wizard.

2. Wizard doesn’t seem to work on my internet browser at all!

  • The Wizard requires an HTML5 capable browser and we recommend that you use one of the following browsers: PC: Chrome 26+, FireFox 16+, IE 10+ Mac OS: Chrome 26+, FireFox 16+

3. I can’t click the “submit” button!

  • There are certain minimum requirements for an app to be submitted to a store. Make sure that the info section is completely filled out and that you have uploaded a logo image.

Submission process

1. How long does it take to publish my apps in the store?

  • The submission process begins as soon as you submit your app for publishing. The time for publishing varies by store as follows:

– iTunes store: 2-4 days

– Google Play: 1-2 days

– Windows Store: 1-2 days

2. My app is taking longer than stated to get published

  • While we will endeavour to get your app published as fast as possible, sometimes an app will be rejected once or multiple times for reasons such as mislabeled categories and inadequate descriptions. In most cases, we will fix the error and re-submit for you at no additional cost, but it may take longer than the quoted time.

3. I got a message stating that my app has been rejected!

  • In rare cases, an app will be rejected from the stores for reasons out of our control such as inadequate or inappropriate content.  In these cases, you will be refunded the cost of publication, but we will not be able to publish your app until the reasons for rejection have been addressed.

4. Why would my app be rejected from a store?

  • Common reasons for rejection include: Not containing enough content and breaching the terms of service of the app store. In these cases, unless the problem is addressed by the website owner, we will not be able to publish your app.


1. My articles keep appearing with the same image as the header, how do I change this?

  • Your app will always load the picture that you post as the articles header. If no picture is provided, then it will default to the “default article heading” picture that you placed when you create your app. To avoid this, make sure you give each new post a unique picture or pick a default image that you like!

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