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RoundedCorner Web Control

Couple articles extracted from Scott Mitchell’s 4GuysFromRolla on RoundedCorner Web Control: Introducing the RoundedCorner Web Control Improving the RoundedCorner Web Control By Bryan Xu

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Some Client-side Know-Hows

Referring to Scott Mitchell’s article “Client-Side Enhancements in ASP.NET 2.0” on 4GuysFromRolla, it contains How to programmatically set focus to a Web control How to add client-side script when a Button is clicked How to maintain scroll position on postbacks

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ClientID & UniqueID

ClientID and UniqueID are definitely different. In the simplest sense, ClientID is used for client-side, UniqueID is used for server-side. However, there are more subtle differences between them. ClientID: Used with id attribute of rendered HTML tag Uses underscore as

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Update Panel control

First step one should take to understand UpdatePanel – what it is and what it can do… MSDN – UpdatePanel Class MSDN – UpdatePanel Control Overview Introduction to the UpdatePanel Control Creating a SImple ASP.NET Page with Multiple UpdatePanel Controls

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Mastering ASP.NET Data Binding

A fundamental article on ASP.NET Data Binding found on CodeProject

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